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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Care?

Home Care is a form of non-medical assistance service provided where a patient lives.  Clients can receive home care services whether they live in their own homes, with or without family members, or in an independent or assisted living facility.


How do I set an appointment with Good Hands Home Care to evaluate my family member’s needs?

That’s easy, just call us and we will set up a “get acquainted” visit that is convenient for you and your family.


What is the goal of Home Care?

We strive to provide our clients with a  pleasant, caring environment that allows them to remain as independent as possible in the comfort of their own home.


What are your working hours?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


How much does it cost to have Good Hands Home Care assist us with our family member?

Rates start as low as $16 per hour. Service may be available at no charge (free) to you if you qualify for the TennCare CHOICES program (Medicaid).


How can I pay?

We accept Personal Check, Insurance, and Medicaid (TennCare CHOICES) and OPTIONS.


Can you help us in a crisis situation?

Absolutely. We can assist families at every level of need.


Does the agency have a comprehensive written policy and procedure manual and training program for its employees?

Yes, employees are provided with written policies and procedures during orientation training.


Has the agency instituted an ongoing compliance program to ensure policies and procedures are being followed?

Good Hands has an extensive ongoing compliance regiment.


Does the agency verify it’s employees by thoroughly checking their references, professional licensure and affiliations and by undertaking background checks and drug screening?

We thoroughly screens all employees.


What is the process for getting questions answered and issues resolved?

Whenever there would be a question or a problem, we can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week for resolution.


How responsive is the agency in resolving issues?

We work diligently to resolve all issues as quickly as possible.


What procedures does the agency have in place to handle emergencies?

All employees are instructed to call 911 first in the event of an emergency then they would contact Good Hands Home Care.


How does the agency ensure patient confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is addressed strongly in our employee handbook and training materials. We are HIPAA compliant.


What are the billing procedures of the agency?

Good Hands Home Care bills weekly to ensure accuracy.


Does the agency have its own employees answer the phone?

Yes, whenever you call Good Hands Community Care, you can be assured that you will be speaking to a Good Hands employee.


Does the agency do pre-employment drug screening?

Good Hands has been conducting pre-employment drug screening from day one.


How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

Your information will never be sold to any 3rd party or affiliate under any circumstances. Good Hands Home Care adheres to all federal and state HIPAA rules and regulations.


Do I need a physician’s authorization/prescription?

No, there is no doctor’s prescription or pre-authorization required.


What if I need changes to my services?

We can adjust schedules with short notice, and we do not have any contract period to which you are committed so you can cancel at any time for any reason.


Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You, or an authorized representative, will be invoiced after the completion of services – on a weekly basis. Because all Good Hands  caregivers are employees of the company, you will not have to pay them directly.


If I change my mind, do I have to keep the service?

No. You will never be locked into a long-term contract, and Good Hands Community Care will never require you to continue with services if you choose not to continue.


Are home care services covered by insurance or Medicare?

There are many ways that you can fund these types of services. Here is a listing to name a few: Long Term Care Insurance policies, Private Pay, State Medicaid Programs (TennCare CHOICES).


Are Good Hands Home Care Caregivers licensed and bonded?



How quickly can services be started?

We can start same day in most instances and within a couple of hours from the time we receive the call.


How do I start services?

Call us today at (901) 286-2515 to begin the process. We will identify caregivers who have the skills, personality and availability to assist you. Good Hands Home Care is here to help, and ready to serve you!

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