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good hands cargiver helping client

Meet The Good Hands Team

Here are just a few commited Good Hands caregivers that are dedicated to improving the lives of clients every single day.

john c

John works in home care because he believes clients can be more comfortable in their own homes instead of going to a nursing home.

His favorite part about working for Good Hands is taking care of people and putting a smile on his client’s face!


Tommie Chatman has been with Good Hands since the very beginning and is a key member of the team.

He strives to provide the best environment for his clients every day.


Earlean is a native of Memphis and is passionate about improving the lives of her clients through compassionate care.

It’s caregivers like Earlean that make Good Hands special!

Michelle is passionate about helping clients live each and every day happy and as independent as possible in the comfort of their home.

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