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Tips For Selecting a Home Care Agency

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It can be difficult to finally realize that we need someone to help take care of a loved that can no longer care for themselves.  At times like these a trained caregiver can make all the difference in the world by providing the day-to-day support that improves quality of life and allows someone to stay in the comfort of their home as long as possible.

At Good Hands Home Care we understand the challenges you face and the importance of finding someone you can trust to care for your loved one.

It will be critical to look at providers that have experienced staff, are licensed, bonded and insured, and have a proven record of quality customer service.  This could not be more important, especially when it comes to inviting people into your lives and your home.  A proven track record and how a company values their employees can speak volumes in terms of credibility and indicate how they will care for your loved one.

How does the agency recruit, screen, hire and train their professional caregivers?  Clearly, there are laws and regulations in place to provide guidelines for minimum care, but what else does the company do?  How do they go above and beyond? 

Will they schedule caregiver interviews for new clients?  What happens if the agency’s caregiver were to become injured while on duty in your home?  Does the agency utilize subcontractors versus actual employees? Are the agency’s caregivers covered by worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

Affordability and the ability to pay for home care will most likely factor in your decision on choosing an agency.  The key is to find a realistic balance between quality service, safety and cost.  You should also keep in mind that many resources are at your disposal such as TennCare CHOICES which covers personal care visits, home delivered meals, pest control, and much more for those that qualify.  

At Good Hands Home Care we can walk you through the process to help you determine if you qualify for CHOICES.  For those that need to pay out of pocket we provide affordable services for every budget.

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